Full Usage

To ensure our brand stays consistent, there’s some rules to follow regarding our logo and written word mark.

We’ll only use the “EverPeak Insurance” logo when it comes to presenting ourselves in places where there is little to no insurance context around the logo. E.g. a sponsored conference about diversity in the workplace where our logo will appear by itself. All advertising and external material will use “EverPeak” only. Always include the ™ on all logos.

You may find the need to use EverPeak™ in copy. Use this as an example and note that a TM must be used in the first instance and then can drop in following mentions of EverPeak.

EverPeak is written with a capital E and P, or in some cases as EVERPEAK. It is never written as “Everpeak” or “Ever Peak”.

Download EverPeak and EverPeak Insurance [blue] assets
Download EverPeak and EverPeak Insurance [white] assets


Consistent and proper usage of our logo is important to maintaining the integrity of the marks and brand. Always use approved assets from these Brand Guidelines and avoid altering the logos.

Don’t break the logo in any way.

Don’t use alternate colors or distracting drop shadows for the logo.

Don’t rotate the logo.

Don’t skew or stretch the logo in any way.

With Tagline

In some cases, the brand logo and tagline may be used together to tell a larger brand story.

Use these approved lockups only and select the option that works best in your layout:

Make sure to allow room around the lockup by maintaining the width of the EverPeak “A” around the entire lockup.

1. Stacked Lockup

This lockup should be used in most cases, as it is a strong and concise element that will work well in a variety of layouts.

Download "EverPeakTM The Hardest Working Insurance." logo [blue] or [white]

2. Alternate Lockups

These lockups can be used in layouts that have limited vertical space, or where an asymmetrical look feels well-suited to a design.

Download, "The Hardest Working Insurance. EverPeakTM" logo [blue] or [white]