Do's and Dont's


Emphasize Hard Work:

Use language that reflects dedication, perseverance and going the extra mile. Words like “tireless,” “unwavering,” “workhorse” resonate with your audience.

Be Direct and Clear:

Avoid overly complicated language or flowery marketing jargon. Your brand is about straightforwardness and cutting through the typical insurance clutter.

Focus on Trust and Reliability:

Words like “dependable,” “partnership” and “integrity,” reinforce these pillars of EverPeak’s brand promise.


Frame things positively; focus on what EverPeak insurance does for hardworking businesses and agents.


Use verbs and phrases that suggest a proactive work ethic (“Works to Deliver” or “Works to Respond”).



Don’t lean heavily on negativity about the insurance industry or scare tactics. EverPeak is about being the positive change.

Passive Language:

Avoid phrasing that sounds weak or like you’re waiting for things to happen. EverPeak is actively working.


Be realistic, yet confident. Avoid hyperbolic statements that can’t be backed up, damaging trust.

Corporate Jargon:

Don’t use buzzwords for the sake of it. Plain language that resonates with everyday business owners and agents is key.


Don’t sound like you’re only for an elite audience. EverPeak champions the hardworking across various industries.

When describing EverPeak:


  • EverPeak can be described as "insurance", "insurance solution" or "solutions provider"
  • EverPeak is part of Pinnacol
  • EverPeak uses Builders paper


  • EverPeak is NOT an "insurer", "carrier", "insurance provider" or simply a "provider", because these entities all take on risk and EverPeak partners with Builders for that purpose.