The right insurance for the
hardest-working people

EverPeak Doesn't work like other
workers' compensation insurers.
We work like you.

Workers' comp insurance has never worked like this before

EverPeak is fiercely devoted to protecting hard workers, from the late-night shifters to the early-morning hustlers. We specialize in delivering personal, expert and timely service because we know there are people behind every policy.

We believe that working harder shouldn’t make getting covered harder, so we protect even the tough risks.

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Dependable solutions for hardworking businesses

As the insurance partner that tackles risks that others shy away from, we know that tough work yields results. That’s why we work hard to safeguard businesses by providing personalized, long-term solutions that meet their unique needs.


Coverage for the hardest workers

From the office to the job site, you need a workers’ comp provider that can handle a variety of risks. Offering a breadth of coverage, EverPeak is a partner that gets the job done.


Robust protection

Our coverage is nationwide and by your side when you need it most. EverPeak shields your business and employees so you can focus on what you do best.


Expert customer service rooted in care

We’re in the people business and providing responsive customer support is a priority. Our team is available to answer questions and guide you every step of the way.

“We created EverPeak to harness the opportunity to insure our country's most vital businesses that are often overlooked and unsupported by traditional insurers that can't manage their risk. We are proud to provide caring and competent protection rooted in over 100 years of experience for these businesses and their agent partners.”

Vlad Stojanovic
VP and COO

See how hard we’ll work for you

EverPeak is more than insurance. We’re a partner committed to protecting what lies at the heart of hardworking businesses — their people. If you’re looking for workers’ compensation, we’ve got your back.

EverPeak can make your business even stronger with coverage options you can trust.

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Coverage built to last

Find peace of mind with business protection that puts you first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about workers’ compensation.

What is workers' compensation?
Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that benefits employers and employees in the case of a work-related injury or illness.
Who is required to carry workers’ comp?
Workers’ compensation laws vary by state, so it’s important to know your state’s requirements. In many states, workers’ compensation is required for employers with one or more employees.
What benefits are available?
Workers’ compensation can include medical care, lost wages and death benefits. Workers' compensation coverage may also safeguard businesses from legal action if an employee experiences a work-related injury or illness.
Who pays for workers’ comp?
The employer is responsible for purchasing and maintaining workers’ compensation coverage.
How much does workers’ compensation insurance cost?
Workers’ compensation premiums are based on factors such as payroll, industry and claims history, so premiums vary between businesses.