Agent Headlines

The hardest working people deserve the hardest working insurance.

Workers comp that works the way you work—harder.

The hardest working insurance doesn’t circle back later. It answers the call.

When you call, we answer. That’s what the hardest working insurance does.

Phone tree? One of the loggers we insure cut it down.

We work as hard as the agents who write our policies.

Get the support you need, when you need it.

We work harder and smarter.

Customer Headlines

If your work is measured in calluses, we insure you.

If 9 to 5 is your first shift, we insure you.

If a full day’s work is all the sleeping aid you need, we insure you.

If your name is sewn into your work clothes, we insure you.

If you look forward to punching in, and punching out, we insure you.

If the work doesn’t stop until you stop, we insure you.

If you live and breathe your work, we insure you.

It’s no accident that we understand how to insure hard working businesses.

Hard work doesn’t always know when one shift ends and another starts.

Agent & Cutomer Headlines

Working harder shouldn’t make it harder to get covered.

We don’t work like other insurance providers. We work like you.

Our policy is that everyone deserves a policy.

Our policy is that everyone deserves a second chance.

Our policy is that we don’t punish you if you made a mistake.

Our people answer every phone call. Never a phone tree. Talk about hard work.

We’re just a group of hard working people protecting other hard working people.

We don’t see claims. We see a chance to protect someone we promised we would.

Treating every policy like people is hard work. But that’s what we do.

Insurance has never worked like this before.

Treating every policy like people is hard work. But that’s what we do.

If you want to talk to a human just give us a call. But please, don’t press any numbers, it makes a weird noise in our ears.

The faster we settle claims, the faster we can all get back to working hard.

Just because you sit at a desk, doesn’t mean you don’t understand hard work.

Even if you keep your nose too close to the grindstone, we’ll provide a policy for you.

Instead of a spokesperson, we have a hard working people person in your corner.

Hard work not only builds businesses, it also helps build a company that insures them.

An insurance carrier that actually cares. That’s a different way to work.

An insurance provider that actually provides. That’s a different way to work.

Unlike other insurance companies, our agent interactions rely on 100% human intelligence.

If at your workplace you wash your hands before you go to the bathroom, we insure you.

From blue collar to no collar, or no shirt at all, we insure you.