Our primary color palette is designed to be flexible and hard-working while creating a bold impression that allows for multiple unique combinations.

  • Cream of Wheat

    C:1 M:3 Y:20 K:0
    R: 252 G: 242 B: 209
  • Workhorse Blue

    C:95 M:62 Y:33 K:13
    R: 6 G: 89 B: 124
  • Brick Red

    C:28 M:92 Y:83 K:26
    R: 146 G: 45 B: 46
  • Dockside Blue

    C:53 M:5 Y:29 K:0
    R: 118 G: 193 B: 188


Secondary colors are introduced to accent our primary color palette and allow for more flexibility. Use these colors more sparingly, but feel free to work them into layouts when appropriate.

Always reference specific color codes for accurate color reproduction.

  • Morning OJ

    C:2 M:62 Y:100 K:0
    R: 239 G: 125 B: 34
  • Early Riser

    C:9 M:19 Y:78 K:0
    R: 234 G: 199 B: 87
  • Light Denim

    C:21 M:0 Y:10 K:0
    R: 199 G: 232 B: 230
  • Field

    C:73 M:38 Y:100 K:29
    R: 69 G: 102 B: 48

Usage Ratios

Our primary colors should account for about 60% of our usage with the secondary palette being 40%.

Cream Of Wheat

Workhorse Blue

Brick Red

Dockside Blue

Morning OJ

Early Riser

Light Denim